Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter To Spring 2015 Haul!

Hey guys! Here is a link to my new Winter to Spring 2015 Haul video. I hope you like it. Below are the links to mostly everything, if not similar items =).

The first dress you can't buy online. I own a Sherri Hill dress that is almost identical to this but it's a lot more expensive. Here is a picture with the link! You purchase the one I speak about in the video at Kara.

Same situation with the wine colored dress. Also bought at Kara. They still don't have a website you can shop on! Here is a similar outfit I found from Love Culture.

Same situation with the grey sweater dress lol. Sorry! We need to convince them to make a website.

Anddddd the pink dress too lol. Here's the most similar one I could find online although the measurements are much shorter with a deeper plunge.

The actual pink romper I talk about! Thank you Forever 21 for keeping up with modern society and having an online store LOL!

They sold out of the maxi dress. I even asked Forever 21 and they said they only have it in stores. But they said this is the most similar dress they have and I think it's super cute!

BCBG Sweater dress. It doesn't look like a mushroom on her but i'm not kidding, in person it's very mushroom-ish. You'll understand when you try it on.

We all know about my JustFab obsession.

But just in case you didn't know about my JustFab obsession here is another shoe from them...

I'll reiterate my obsession with JustFab just one more time...

Okay i'm done! Go have fun on your shopping sprees!


April Maroshick

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