Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Miss New York United States Voting!

Hey guys. Asking for a favor here. I'm competing for Miss New York United States in about two and half weeks. They have a voting system via Facebook to decide on the winner of the Photogenic award. I've never received the photogenic award in any pageant although i've always strived for it. Since this is as simple as liking and commenting on my photo, I think it's achievable! 
I'm hoping everyone with a Facebook will take a minute to click the link below to my photo. Click the like button. Comment on the photo. Also please share the photo as well! 
I'd appreciate it a ton! It is free and takes about 1 minute max, so i'm hoping you will all help me out with this!

There is another voting system for the "People's Choice" award. You have the chance to support charity and me! $1 equals ONE vote and supports American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This means a lot to me as my mother is a 3 time cancer survivor! The delegate who receives the highest charitable gift in my division will advance to on-stage question regardless of overall score on March 29! 
If donating is something that fits your budget, follow these steps!
Where it states "Vote for People's Choice - Select contestants and gift amount on next page", Click purchase one. Hit order now. After you fill out your information, click vote for Miss contestant, April Maroshick. In the quantity section, you can choose to donate $1 or more. The more money donated, the more votes towards people choice and more money is then raised for Relay for Life. It is only $1 to vote for people's choice!
If you vote for either photogenic or People's Choice please let me know so I can personally thank you.
Thanks again!
April Maroshick

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