Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Habits of Very Organized People!

Lately I've been all about organization, time management and making me life as stress-free as possible. That's usually the goal with most people, but do we really make it a priority to the point where we are changing our habits for it? Usually not. It's a comfort zone problem for most of us. At least that's what I believe. Anyway! Here are a few habits I think we could all benefit from...


To some people this may seem obvious. But some of us still don't form the habit of actually doing this. Usually every night, I write my to-do list for the next day. I have written planners, but I mainly use my iPad because it's the easiest thing to carry around. I love using my reminders app. It's simple, color coded, you're able to prioritize items, set alarms and deadlines for different tasks and make separate lists for different things. My current lists include "My Morning Routine", "Work", "Day Time", "Nighttime Routine". It's such an underrated app.

I also am really avid about using my calendar. This may not pertain to a lot of people, but if you are self employed in anyway, where you need to schedule blog posts, meetings, appearances or if you are a parent and need to keep track of your child's sports games, dance classes etc. it helps you lay everything out. I really like scheduling blog posts that way if my brain is totally fried one day and I can't think of any ideas, I already have them laid out. If you are a Mac/iPad/iPhone user, then you can sync all of your calendars which is the best thing ever.


This may be excessive to some people, but whenever I make a list, I write it all out and then I number them afterwards.Some people like to prioritize it by either getting the hardest stuff done first or getting the easiest stuff done first. I typically like to prioritize mine by which deadline hits first. If it's not work related and it's just personal things like working out or doing laundry, I always do laundry first that way that gets done while I work out. Usually when it comes to personal things, I just do my best to somehow "multitask". Kill two birds with one stone. That sorta thing. Whenever I prioritize, my days get less and less stressful as they go along.


Having consistent routines every morning and night always start my day the right way and end it the right way. It gives me a sort of peace of mind. My morning routine always starts off with reading the Bible, making my bed then oil pulling. After that I do write the rest of my list out like brushing my teeth, showering, my skincare routine, cooking breakfast etc. and do it in whichever order I feel like doing it in. My nighttime routine is always a workout, shower, reading and Netflix. Yes, Netflix is literally on my to-do list every night. It makes me happy and it's not changing lol.


SOOO much easier said than done, but if you force yourself out of that habit, you will forever thank yourself. I always wind up getting all of my work done by about 12 pm for YouTube and my blog when I don't procrastinate and then I have the whole day to just relax and do what I want.


Speaking of relaxing... I love scheduling down time and breaks into my days. I always have one day a week that I typically try to make on Saturdays that I won't allow myself to work at all. It's actually hard lol. Sometimes we become work-a-holics but whenever I force myself to stop and take a break, whether it's for a whole day or for a half hour every few hours throughout my weekdays, I don't burn out and I feel completely re-energized and ready to work effectively.


I hate the work "perfectionism". It just seems narcissistic to me, but i'm going to use it just this once. When we hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards, some of which won't even make a difference in the effect of your life, you burn yourself out and drive yourself insane. Stop. Just stop. You will work more effectively and in a much more timely manner if you give yourself limits.


Just like you don't go to the gym, get in shape, then quit. You shouldn't get yourself organized, then allow yourself to fall back into the same old habits. Maintain your organization and time management skills.


Now i'm very particular when it comes to "purging". One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people buy an INSANE amount of makeup which the either wind up hating or never using so they throw it out. Unless it's expired, use your products. I refuse to have an insane amount of makeup, skincare products and hair products because I don't like "hoarding". If it's something that I know will expire, I use what I have will I have it. That's why they have testers in stores. You can test it out there and see if you like it. Now... for things that don't expire. I'm definitely a hoarder in that sense. The amount of shoes I have is unnecessary. I could really use some space in my closet for things I absolutely love, so I need to go in and donate or give to my friends whatever I don't use. W should all do it. It will give us a sense of peace. Last month I got rid of 5 garbage bags full of clothes and I still don't have enough room! Totally stressful and unnecessary. Organized people purchase only investment items. Which also means we need to steer clear of bargain shopping. We don't need it, we don't buy it.


Everyone has had one at some point in their lives. I feel like it's usually in people's kitchens or their bedside table. Give everything a designated place and if you can't find a designated spot for it, you probably don't need it!


I love waking up before everyone in my house. It gives me time to experience some quiet and to slow my pace down in the morning. It just sets the day right. If you are not a morning person, contrary to popular belief, if you wake up earlier than you are now, you will become a morning person. Trust me.

What are your tips to staying organized? Let me know in the comment section below!

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