Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Recent Trip to the Bronx Zoo

Hey guys! This weekend I decided to take advantage of the warm but not too hot weather and go to the zoo.  I've been a member of all of the New York Zoo's and Aquarium's for about a year now. If you're a member you get all of these fun little perks, so it's worth looking into becoming a member if you guys are into this stuff.

Every time I go, I feel like a learn so much and it excites me to see different animals you don't get to see everyday. I wanted to just share a few pictures with you of my little trip to the Bronx Zoo this past Sunday... Hope you enjoy!

Here is some bamboo lol...

 I got to pet some llamas...

 Did you know that giraffes are 6 feet tall when they are born? I can't imagine giving birth to something that big lol...

This zebra looked right at the camera. #BronxZoosNextTopModel

 Fish lol

 The Tigers were actually a bit frightening because they were so close!

I learned that flamingos stand on one leg to rest their other leg. Also, they are grey when they are born.

I don't even know what this is but I thought it was aesthetically pretty lol.

 Yes this is real. Not a painting! It's in the bird exhibit.

 This reminded me of Lil Sebastian from Parks and Rec so I obviously needed a picture and I was petting it lol.

 The Monkey exhibit.

Panthers... Reminded me of my cat.

 A peacock walking down the street... not even kidding.

 This was in the butterfly exhibit.

 This goat just needed some love.

That's about it! All pictures and videos were taken on my iPhone so i'm pretty happy with this camera!

Next weekend i'm going to go  to another zoo... I'm debating between the Queens Zoo and the Central Park zoo. Which do you think I should do?



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