Thursday, December 10, 2020

2020 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide!

 Hi friends!

I wanted to make a little Christmas shopping guide for 2020. I've been extra passionate this year about shopping from small, local businesses. I think it's quite obvious and probably doesn't need to be stated that all of the small businesses across the world have been affected by Covid-19. I believe it's really important that we help out our neighbors. Big businesses for the most part will survive. Small businesses employ many of our neighbors, friends and family and it's important they don't go neglected.

I won't ramble any further about this, but please consider buying strictly from small businesses this year. Here are a few of my favorites that I have either already bought from, or will be buying from for gifts this year. If you shop local, please don't forget to try and include business cards in your wrapping paper or Christmas cards that way the person receiving the gift is aware of where the gift is from, so they can shop from those stores in the future.

A personal favorite of mine is Lurose (<-- Check out their website) ... I shop from here frequently. Nina and Nicole are based out of Long Island, NY and they drop new items frequently. I often get asked about "who I'm wearing". It's often Lurose (<-- Check out their instagram). Here is one of my favorite items in their store right now that I think would make a great gift:

Chestnut Jacket: $49.99
Use code "APRIL15" for a discount

Next up we have From the Page (<-- Check out their website) candles. My sister Kelly introduced me to this business created by someone from our hometown growing up. I think the website states their mission perfectly...

"From the Page was started in 2013 when I wanted to create candles to evoke scenes and settings of my favorite novels!

Burn them while you read or relax to be transported to another world!

All From the Page candles are hand poured in NY. They are made with soy wax, which is renewable and American grown. The fragrances are high quality, phthalate free and infused with essential oils. Lastly, the wicks are made with cotton and lead and zinc free!"

It's absolutely adorable. Here is one I find adorable for obvious reasons:

Mad Tea Party Candle: $14.50

Next up is my FAVORITE for shopping small. Localibred has beautiful gift boxes and subscription boxes for products made strictly on Long Island. It's so cute to send to family who lives further away but wants some Long Island products in their home. This place does NOT make bread. Some people read the company name and think it's a bread based company. It's just about products that are bred on Long Island.
Make sure to check them out, especially if you want to support multiple local businesses in one shopping trip.

Gift Seasonal Subscription Box - 1/2 Year of Full Year: $112

Up next we have one of my favorite places on Long Island. Goodale Farms is the best! I go there often to feed animals and hug them just to decompress when I'm feeling stressed out. But they have one of the coolest programs for any foodies or healthy eaters you know. They have a Farm-to-Door Meal box Subscription that its generally more inexpensive than going to the grocery store. You get to choose what kind of fresh produce, meats, cheeses and more for your family. They even have a vegetarian option. I think this would make a GREAT gift.

Click this link to see the price options for different boxes

Last but certainly not least is To The Stage ! After discussing this company with my husband we both decided that if we had children right now, we would absolutely be sending them to this theater, even if only via zoom. The owner teaches children acting, voice and theater lessons which is SUPER important right now, especially during this pandemic. Children are no longer learning the proper social and/or speaking skills because they are mostly confined to their homes. This gives them the perfect opportunity to  still grow in an area that they currently aren't able to as well as they would have if the pandemic didn't exist. Oh, have I mentioned that the owner's son was on broadway and he started at 6 months old? So don't worry, your child is in very successful hands here. Check out all of their information.

Here's their zoom class link if you can't make it in person.

There's my 2020 holiday gift guide! Please let me know who you are buying from locally and don't forget to let these businesses know I sent you.

Thanks for shopping small!


April Rose Sixsmith

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

My Thoughts on JLo and Shakiras Superbowl Halftime Show

Here are a few controversial thoughts on this year's Superbowl halftime show. PLEASE watch the entire video before commenting because I think it's important to listen to the whole thing before assuming I feel one think versus another.

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