Friday, October 7, 2016

Recap: September 2016

So I know we're already 7 days into October, but i've been super busy so i'm just getting around to my September recap. I love doing these every month because it shows either my growth (which is great for self reflection), happy memories I may look over forgetfully in the future and you guys can take a look at some of my personal parts of my life.

On that note, I loved the month of September. I have been breaking out of my comfort zone a lot lately and it's helping me grow both in my personal and career life. I am truly happy and i'm hoping to push myself even further this month.

Here is a look at the past month...

I've been doing a lot of hair and makeup for photoshoots lately. Here is a double waterfall braid I created.

A beautiful sunset at home. I am always able to get the most beautiful photos of the sun here.

Patrick and I celebrated happiness at one of our favorite restaurants in Long Beach. This place is awesome!

I reorganized all of my pigments! So needed. Much easier to travel with as well.

Patricks family and the both of us went to a restaurant called Mama's in Suffolk County. It's awesome. Their pasta nights are incredible!

Patrick's family to me to the Met game! The game that lasted 11 innings. It was a lot of fun!

Patrick just being Patrick. LOL!

Hair and makeup I did at a shoot for New York Fashion Week. This one was really interesting and out of my comfort zone. She has glitter lips too! It was cute.

There was a crazy storm passing us and I saw for the first time in my life what's called a "roll cloud". I didn't know what it was until I sent my mother the picture and she explained it to me. They're apparently very rare and the temperature has to be just right to create one of these. I thought it was really cool!

Patrick turned 29 on the 17th! We went to watch a Civil War reenactment (He is a huge history buff) and we went to a German restaurant.

Patrick wanted scallops for dinner one night so I this is what I made. Seared butterflied scallops with roasted mashed potatoes and smoked hickory bacon. It was awesome!

We ended our month in the island of Puerto Rico. I had to go on a work trip for a photoshoot and we started the beginning of October there as well! We had an awesome time and I'm so glad Pat went with me. We will be back there in November! I can't wait!

I hope you guys has an awesome month and I pray you all have a peaceful and exciting October!


April Rose

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