Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Recap: June 2016

June was such a beautiful month for me. It was really relaxing and I got to spend so much time with the ones I love most. Here are some photos that I pulled from my cameral roll on my phone from the past month.

My parents and I went for a walk on the beach... I caught this picture of them and I just want to cherish it forever.

My brother goes fishing quite often and he caught this! I'm forgetting what the name of it was... I want to say a blue fish. Can't remember though.

My boyfriend wearing these purple sunglasses that came with my milkshake went we went to one of my favorite places to eat.

Here is that milkshake lol. It was a birthday cake one... So good.

Another beach picture... who could resist taking a picture of that sky?

Before you hit the dunes at the beach... I love this and I thought it was artsy. It probably isn't but still, it's pretty lol.

I witnessed a strawberry moon for the first time in my life! I didn't even know what it was... I had to google it.

My secret birthday present that we have to put together... my fellow makeup lovers are going to LOVE this.

We were being goofy on snapchat. If you don't have me, add me @APRILbyVICTORIA

How was everyone's June? I can't believe July is already here!


April Rose

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