Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My November 2016 Mantras and My Awkward Transition Phase

I'm not going to start this post off by stating "wow time is flying", etc. We already know it is. But I guess I just technically started it off that way by saying I won't start it off that way. ANYWAY. To my point...

October was a very odd month for me. There are so many incredible changes that have happened and are continuing to happen but for whatever reason, my brain is in "panic mode". My whole life is in a huge transition phase and it's happening incredibly fast. Way faster than I anticipated, but it's also exactly what I wanted. Who would've known I would be overwhelmed with getting the changes I have literally asked for?

I have needed this change and I have needed to push myself for ages now in a direction that I have just been blatantly procrastinating with, simply because of a fear of getting overwhelmed. Well, turns out procrastinating doesn't make your dreams and/or responsibilities disappear like my younger self had always hoped it would... it just blows up in your face one day. That's when I face an intense sense of overwhelm.

Now is the time to break out of my comfort zone. Here are my mantras to help me for the month of November.

I hope you guys liked this. Don't forget to comment below which mantra is most relevant to you this month.


April Rose

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