Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Self Motivate.

So it's Tuesday. For some reason, possibly the rainy weather and long work weekend, I can't find the
"passion" to do anything. This happens to me quite often and it's usually after I feel a bit burned out. Sometimes, we over exert ourselves, both physically and emotionally and it leaves our minds and hearts feeling like were lost in the middle of open land with no direction on how to get back home. I've learned how to work through this overtime because it's something I experience so often. You think the first thing I'd do would be to stop burning myself out... but that just never seems to happen. So here are my tips for those like myself who can't seem to just "unwind".


Okay so this is a bit contradictory to what I said above about not being able to stop. But what I usually do here is "schedule" a day off. That means I literally force myself to stop thinking about anything work, school, or pageant related for an entire day. I won't answer emails, look for my next gown, do an appearance or any of that during my day off. Sometimes I actually feel like I want to do it! But I stop myself because whenever I don't, I burn myself out. Try it, you'll feel a major energy difference.


I don't know what it is about Pinterest, but every time I click the app open, I get sucked into this vortex of never ending photos. I tell myself i'll stop at about 10 pins, then about 500 pins later, I realized about 2 hours passed. It's crazy lol. But I will say, it's the perfect motivator. Sometimes when I can't seem to break the careless walls down in my brain, I open up Pinterest, read new ideas, look at pictures of people who I find quite fascinating, read quotes (we all know how much I love those) etc., and then I suddenly feel this sense of motivation to get myself going again. I introduced my mom to Pinterest last year and she's been a total Pinterest fan since. Here is my Pinterest if you want to see what inspires me everyday... My Pinterest Page !


You pretty much all already know how much I love to read. But there's a few reasons why this is on the list. The first is that most of the fascinating things i've learned in my life have come from what i've read in a book. I learn so much from reading and usually whenever I learn something a piece of my mind lights up I suddenly start to function normally again. Another reason I love reading when i'm feeling unmotivated is because when I see myself read a chapter or an entire book, I feel accomplished. Usually that is a source of motivation as well. The last reason is that reading is an escape from my own life. It's like a mini vacation except I don't have to go anywhere. To me, reading is like fueling up a car. You can't run a car without gas. I can't run my mind without reading.


Now I might get some heat for this, which is fine (My intent behind this isn't to promote a perfect diet at the moment). Whenever I indulge in a craving which is usually chocolate, zebra cakes, french fries, grilled cheese, milkshakes or all of it (LOL #SorryNotSorry), I just feel this sense of happiness. I don't know why. But it works. We can't have perfect diets all of the time and truth be told, i'd be miserable if I didn't treat myself often. Just my thoughts though. Some people may tell you otherwise.


When I say this, I don't mean you need to go spend hundreds of dollars at a spa or go sign up for the gym. I mean exercise and pamper yourself. Sometimes those "look good, feel good" situations work. When i'm feeling slump-ish, doing my nails, a face mask and running make me feel a lot happier and motivated.

(Who else likes the Parks and Rec reference? Haha.)


About two months ago I was feeling really down and I went to go watch the sunset with my parents at the beach. It was probably the most refreshing experience ever. I'm not being dramatic. I've never felt "healed" so quickly in my life. Natural beauty is one of the best gifts given to us and unfortunately, it's one of the most overlooked ones as well. Here is a picture from that night.

So those are just a few of my tips to motivate yourself. Sometimes a break is the best thing we can do for ourselves. I hope you guys liked this. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest to see what motivates me.


April Rose

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