Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This Week's Skincare Favorites!

I've been all over the place with my skincare routine lately. I have to be honest, I've been sleeping with my makeup on quite a bit (The number one "don't" for good skin) and i've been having lots and lots of sugar. I mean the sugar is nothing unusual for me, but the mix of the two is asking for a disaster. So this past week i've been a bit more conscious of what i'm doing with my skin and I seriously, within a week, my skin has gotten so much better.

So I want to share with you what i've been using, when I use it and why I think it helps!

Typically, i'm very sensitive to face exfoliators. They always seem to be slightly too abrasive or they just don't smooth everything over properly and then my skin throws a fit and reacts. This is one of the only ones that sits well with my skin. I use it right after I cleanse my skin and directly before a toner. I recommend using it at night in the shower before bed that way your skin has a fresh slate to replenish itself overnight.

I love using this as a cleanser. It's intended to help people with acne, psoriasis and/or eczema. My sister is a big fan of this as well and she's extremely picky about what she uses to help her skin. Don't be freaked out though, if you buy it, overtime the color oxidizes to a dark grey. Totally normal for a more natural product.

Don't hate me for using another Sabon product but this stuff is incredible. I use this on a night where I have some extra time on my hands. I will shower, apply this all over my body. Hang out for about 15 minutes until its dried, then go back in the shower and rinse it off and my skin is incredibly smooth.

I did an entire video on the benefits of an Epsom Salt bath (Click this to watch it) and if you guys remember the video, you remember that my skin had some crazy allergic reaction to something and it wouldn't go away for the longest time. I took an Epsom Salt bath to just relax and it immediately fixed my skin. It was actually weird how quickly it worked. Seriously recommend it for anyone with problematic skin, stress or insomnia. It's incredible.

This is by far the most effective face mask i've ever tried. It doesn't even come close to anything i've ever tried before. When this is drying on your face, specifically after your pores are opened by steam, you feel everything extract and purify in your face. It's insane. Everyone who's tried this won't ever try anything else on their face. You have to try it to understand what i'm talking about.

So I know this was a lot to use just to make my skin regulate itself again, but it's been working. Obviously water, sleep and a lack of stress will help regulate the skin but i'm not here to give you obvious advice. You guys have to try this out for sure. You'll love it all.


April Rose

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