Monday, October 26, 2015

BeautyCon BFF Unboxing!

Click here to watch my new BeautyCon BFF Unboxing video!

To get $5 off your BeautyCon BFF membership go to and use the code "BESTIE5"

BFF Site:
  • There's something for everyone with over $100+ worth of products in each box: 
    • Seasonal and trendy accessories
    • Some of our favorite makeup brands
    • Special Golden Tickets*
  • *Golden Tickets - Every season, a lucky number of BFF boxes have golden tickets. You could get gift cards worth anywhere from $50-$5,000!
    • Participating brands: American Apparel, NYX, NastyGal, Mr. Kate, and more
  • Influencer Experiences - BeautyCon creates fun opportunities for you to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments with your friends or your favorite content creators, like some of the below:

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