Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clothing Organization Tips!

Hey guys!

        So i'm posting a link to one of my YouTube videos that I feel is really essential to the way you organize all of your clothing. I know I have to have everything in a particular order to be able to pick out my outfits every day and know that i'm not just choosing my outfits based on the first thing I see.

My top 3 tips for organizing your clothing are:
1) Keep everything color coded from lightest to darkest
2) Place your clothing in your drawers the way you would see a filing cabinet organized. Do not stack pieces one on top of another... stack everything front to back.
3) Keep sections of your drawers for different types of items i.e. a drawer for just jeans, a drawer for just graphic tees, a drawer for just belts...

Feel free to comment on the video and share any organization tips you may have that were not mentioned in my video.

Thanks for watching!

April Maroshick

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