Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favorites 2014

Is it really February already? Insane! Well, over the month of January i've become hooked on quite a few things. I'll write about five of them in this blog and the rest are in my YouTube video linked below. Two of these things, one book and one face mask I became so obsessed with, i'm going to give each of them their own review. On that note, let's jump right in.

First thing's first, it's winter. It's cold and dry. For me, that means my skin is in need of some SERIOUS help. I mean, dry patches, uneven skin tone, blemishes and oily spots. It just goes crazy on me, begging for my attention. So I took a trip to Ulta. I was looking for a face mask that wasn't just a clay mask. Clay masks do wonders for me, but I needed something that worked every flaw in my skin, including cell renewal. For some reason, maybe because I don't drink nearly as much water as I should, my skin cells never seem to renew themselves as fast as I would like. So I picked up Exuviance's Rejuvenating Treatmeant Mask , or as they spell it, "masque". I'm not that fancy, sorry.

This mask is a clear gel that hardens on your face 15-20 minutes after the application process. The mask contains alpha-hodroxy acids to help encourage cell renewal, even skin tone, and hydration. I'll be doing a separate review on this product.

The second item on the list is my favorite magazine. I explain it in my video, but I was never much of a magazine reader. But Better Homes and Gardens magazine, has always been the exception. I've been subscribed to this magazine for a little over a year, thanks to my shoe subscription with Just Fab. (They give you a free magazine subscription when you place your first order). Over the years, i've come to realize that your environment really has an effect on your mood and productivity. Keeping things organized has always been a way to keep my mind clear too. Rearranging furniture or doing mini projects, like redesigning my closet (which is not so "mini), has always given me a boost of energy. Sometimes, especially when i'm in need of a change of environment, my creativity gets quite dull. Reading this magazine has given me great ideas, even on a small budget. From changing up furniture, to color inspiration, to great organization tips, they have it all.

Third. Foundation. Does any other girl struggle with foundation every time they shop? I cannot do the drugstore foundations because they don't have testers out and I don't want to pick a foundation that I thought was my color, but winds up making me look like a pumpkin when I leave the store and put it on. So higher end makeup brands will do for foundation. Seriously, why don't drug stores have testers? Anyway, I have given Makeup Forever's HD Foundation a try and it's now my new secret to flawless looking makeup. Here's the thing. I'm in front of cameras quite often so I need a foundation without SPF in it that way I don't look washed out. I also need a foundation with HD reflectors to make my skin look smooth and flawless on camera. The mix of no SPF and HD reflectors is the secret to a perfect finish. This foundation does the trick.

Alas, we have come to my favorite type of product ever. A book! I love reading. I know, it's not everybody's niche. But I am firm believer that anyone can enjoy reading, if they have the right book in their hands. The book, "The Secret", is one of those books that pertains to EVERYONE. Do you want something in your life? Tangible or intangible? Do you want to be someone? Do you want to progress in your career? Do you want to keep your relationship strong? This book has the answer. I can't give away the actual secret, although it is based around the Law of Attraction... BUT, I will be doing a separate review on this book on my blog to go a little more in depth. If you're looking for a good read, this is your answer. Trust me.

We started with a skin product and we will end with a skin product. Except this one isn't just for your face like the mask I spoke about. It's for everything except your face. Weird how that works right? Well this Sabon Lemon Mint Body Scrub is the key to having smooth porcelain skin during these dry months. The exfoliant in this scrub is too harsh to use on your face, although I admit i've tried it a few times. It will do nothing but irritate you. There is a reason they tell you to not put it on your face. But one of us had to try it, right?

They have plenty of scents to choose from and to be honest, I like them all. I'm quite picky when it comes to scents, but these scents are formulated to put your mind at ease so everything is quite natural. I chose the Lemon Mint scent this time around because I wanted something that reminded me of Spring. I figured maybe I could use the Law of Attraction that "The Secret" taught me and maybe I can somehow make the Spring come faster. HA! A girl could dream...

The rest of the products that made my January Favorites 2014 list are in my YouTube video linked here:

Let me know what you guys think! What made your January Favorites list? Leave it in a comment below.

Have a great day!

April Maroshick


  1. Thanks for the exfoliant warning, it must smell great, though. I put up another photo on my own blog using your entry as inspiration

    Good thoughts on a change of environment, I've just moved a little bit of furniture around this week!.

    1. You know, surprisingly the scent isn't all that great or strong. But it doesn't smell bad. It's just not enticing.

      Glad you changed furniture around. I'm still in the midst of working on my shoe closet lol. Taking forever!