Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Am I Ready?

Surprise! Lol... I'm competing again. In about a week and a half (May 28th to be exact), I'll be competing for Miss New York United States 2016. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably figured that out by now. If not, well, now you know.

I've got everything together, my interview outfit, gown, swimsuit, makeup etc. The only thing I can do now is just continue to pray.

It's funny because usually for pageants I'm so nit picky about every single little detail of the competition. Which I still am. But in a different way than usual. You can prepare, of course. But you never know what's truly going to happen until you're in the moment. I know which side is my "better side" and which way I like my hair parted, but what I don't know is how i'll wake up feeling that day. Maybe my opinion on a touchy subject will change because of a weird dream I had the night before so my interview answers will be somewhat different than they usually are. Maybe i'll wake up and instead of sticking with my plan of avoiding coffee and just having tea, i'll really want coffee. I know you're probably like "Why is she saying this? Who cares?"... but let me explain.

My point is that for years and years and years, not just with pageants, but with dance, school, relationships, life in general, i've ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS planned exactly every detail to a T, to the point where if something was thrown off course, it would disturb my peace and ability to adjust to the actual circumstance. I mean I could've gotten a 98% on a test and because I didn't get that 100%, I would be completely thrown off (that's actually a true story unfortunately).

Over the past few months, i've learned that you can't plan everything and believe it or not, you'll be a lot more successful if you teach yourself to adjust to the moment rather than being a control freak. Also, you'll be a lot more efficient this way and I know none of us enjoy wasting time. I've been so surprised at how many positive things have happened to me because of my decision to let go and trust that God has my best interest at heart ALWAYS.

Now I don't want anyone thinking that i'm saying to just be lazy and don't try and put your best foot forward in everything you do. What i'm saying is don't allow yourself to become so fixated on such minor details of something to the point where you ruin it for yourself. When i'm not focused on being "perfect" and i'm just focused on being authentic, i'm able to put my happiest foot forward and ultimately, happiness is what matters most and happiness will push me in the direction of success.


April Rose 

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