Sunday, January 7, 2018

11 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Quality of Life

So of course it's 2018 and New Year's Resolutions are all the buzz. Last year I made just one resolution that I worked very hard on and stuck to. This year I'm adding a few more to the list.

More importantly than those few goals I want to achieve, I find that habit formation is what helps me change my life the most. My daily routine and consistent little achievements wind up boosting the quality of my health, happiness and life in general more so than achieving random goals here and there.

I wanted to share with you some of the habits that I'm working on for all different areas of my life to maybe give you a little kick of inspiration for your own. As always, feel free to share your resolutions and/or habits in the comments below for everyone else to learn from.

Before we hop in, I just wanted to note (as cheesy as this is) to not be like me! LOL. Basically, do not be an extremist. I have a problem where if I slack off just once, I will completely let the whole day turn into a fail. I won't care about anything else. You have to form your habits in order to make them habits, so allow yourself room for error and forgetfulness without completely giving up.

Okay, here we go. LOL.


  • Cut out one unhealthy drink or food from your usual diet - last year I cut out coffee. I am on one year and 3 months without it because I put way too much sugar in my coffee. This year I am adding soda, alcohol and fast food to that list. 
  • Monitor your water intake - I mean there isn't much else to say about this. It's obvious. From your overall health, to skin health, to moods, to sleep, water helps with everything.
  • Keep up with a supplement regimen - You all know how much I love my supplements for all different reasons. I find them so helpful, especially during those times where my diet isn't looking so colorful with leafy greens everyday. Your body will thank you.


  • Pray - I pray once in the morning right after I finish reading my daily bible chapters and once at night before bed. I don't mean the same routine prayers. But a prayer from your heart.
  • Meditate - I desperately need to get into the habit of meditating daily. Every time I meditate, I feel so refreshed and much more in control of my thoughts and anxiety. I recommend using apps like Simple Habit to start with some guided meditations.


  • Try something you've always wanted to try once a month - Some people may think once a month is a lot and some may think it's not enough. Once a month has been my happy medium. There are countless things I've always wanted to try. Sky diving, ice skating lessons, different crafts and random excursions. I find this really awakens my soul. New things are sometimes scary because they are unknown, but once we expose ourselves to something new, we grow so much. Having something set on my schedule that is new keeps me looking forward to the future despite the occasional bad day. It just allows me to always be excited about something.
  • Indulge in your comfort one day a month - This is the exact opposite of what I just said but also let yourself be! I love having one day to sit at home in my room (here comes my inner introvert) and binge watch "The Office", read, draw and eat White Cheddar Popcorn. Sometimes I just need a day to just let myself be without pushing myself at all.


  • Use a planner - I know planning isn't everyone's thing, but seriously if you write down your goals with a deadline, you are much more likely to accomplish them. I have been using a planner lately and I find that I am way more on top of my life than I ever have been before. I just don't forget things as easily and I don't slack off because I see everything written in parts with deadlines. Just try it. You will be happy that you do.
  • Schedule Time for Your Dreams - If you don't schedule time to fulfill those dreams you have, you will keep putting it off. It will always be a "one day" dream and not a "today" dream. It's really cool to watch yourself work on your dreams and see them come to fruition.


  • Budget and Plan Your Finances - Money can be a huge stressor for most people. Planning and sticking to your plan with your money will relieve so much stress and help you plan for the future with ease. I love using Mint for all of this. It's like having a personal financial planner right at your fingertips, 24/7.
  • Invest - This is something I have not yet done but will start this year. Make your money work for you. Instead of saving your money and having it just sit in an account, make it work for you by investing in the right areas. Have a professional help you out with this though as you don't want to dump your money into a bad investment.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Don't forget to share your habits, goals and tips in the comments below.

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine."


April Rose

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