Sunday, December 25, 2011

Children's Aid Society

Hey guys! So this past week I had the privilege of helping out at the Children's Aid House for the Children's Aid Society's holiday party! I had so much fun meeting all of the kids and playing games with them. It's always so much fun doing charity events because they always seem to humble me and keep me level headed.

I met one of the most AMAZING kids I've ever met in my life! While I was pouring him a cup of apple juice he tapped my shoulder and said, "Here, I want you to have this. You made my Christmas so special and this is all I have to give you." He gave me his last piece of chocolate! Guess what?! He is only 5 years old! I gave him teddy bears and books and whatever else I had with me so he could have something to remember from me. He had the most beautiful smile that I will never forget. He made me realize that what we consider to be the "little things" in life are actually not so little. Those things that matter are actually the big things.

The whole experience was so humbling and of course, I still have that piece of chocolate. =)

I will never forget 5 year old Norris and his bubbly personality!

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