Monday, December 26, 2011

Styling Latina Magazine Photoshoot

Hey guys! So I just wanted to share a REALLY cool experience I had. I was asked to style my first photoshoot for Latina Magazine. The photoshoot is for their Spring advertorial award winning fashion and beauty looks. Seriously, it was the coolest thing ever! When I had gotten asked to style no joke, I was jumping for joy! HAHA! It was always a dream of mine to style for a big magazine and I never knew I would actually get the opportunity to do it. I got asked the night before the shoot, so it was a "last minute" thing.

When I arrived at the studio I was in awe! It was HUGE! There was huge posters of all different magazines that shoot their covers there, as well as, yes, the beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels. When I walked into the studio where I would be styling I felt like a celebrity. There were couches, magazines, a ridiculously big backdrop, curtains, mirrors with those "Hollywood" type of lights on them... and my favorite, FOOD! The food was amazing! Too bad I can't pronounce any of the names of the food because they were all French LOL!

Everyone there was so sweet including the photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, and of course the chefs, haha! It was such a great learning experience for me and I loved going in there feeling confident with what I was doing. Sometimes when you love what you do you feel confident and you wind up doing a really great job and having so much fun!

The pictures will appear in the March 2012 issue of Latina Magazine !

April Rose

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