Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why did I start making YouTube videos?

Hey Everyone!

So a lot of people ask me the same question... "What made you start filming YouTube videos?" Well, other than my weird obsession with hair, makeup, fashion, and beauty that made me want to start, I have always followed Kandee Johnson! If you don't know who Kandee Johnson is, she is a YouTube beauty guru (the word guru makes me crazy) who is always so positive and uplifting! If you have ever watched one of Kandee's videos you know that she gives these motivational talks and is always pushing people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I never really had the confidence to go on camera and film videos, let alone start some of my videos off without any makeup. I just listened to her words and I tried it. Guess what?! I love it! It's also boosted my confidence and I started to accept my personality and my natural looks without changing the person I really am. I was lucky enough to meet her during Fashion week in NYC at Fashion's Night Out (unfortunately I didn't get a picture) but she was so sweet! I watch her videos everyday and learn all different makeup techniques and some life lessons too!

I've always loved makeup, hair, and fashion. When I was in high school I took extra classes over the summer so I would have enough time in my schedule to be able to take both Performing Arts and Cosmetology.

A lot of people tell me that they want to start making videos too but they don't have the confidence to post them. Like Nike says, Just Do It! HAHAHA!

Remember: Amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic!

Never be afraid to try something new!

My YouTube channel:

April Rose

P.S. Kandee Johnson read this and made my day! I'll post a pic of her tweet!


  1. Glad you started April, glad I watched some and glad I found out something about you. You're gorgeous.

    Come and visit me in Australia next week.