Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NY Giants Victory Celebration

Hey guys! As everyone knows, this past Sunday was the most important game day of the year for any sport, Super Bowl XLVI! What better way to celebrate than to have NY Giants player Antrel Rolle host a victory celebration which featured the unveiling of the famous pop artist Charles Fazzino's "NY Giants World Champion" artwork! The celebration took place at SOFRITO in NYC.

When the artwork was unveiled, I was in awe! The amount of detail Charles Fazzino puts in his work is unbelievable. You could look at a picture of his work and notice fine detail, but when you see it in person, WOW, it is a completely different experience! He isn't just a typical artist; his work is 3D pop art. Literally, the picture is jumping out at you. You all have to check out his website and tell me what you think: www.charlesfazzino.com . It's all so detailed and animated; you'll know exactly what I mean when you look at it.

The celebration was so exciting! I was finally able to meet Miss Universe Leila Lopes. I had never met her before and when I did she was so approachable and welcoming. Miss USA Alyssa Campanella and Miss Teen USA Danielle Doty who I have met quite a few times were there as well and looking prettier than ever. I also got to see one of my big sisters from the pageant there, Miss New York USA Johanna Sambucini. Seriously, she brings so much light into a room and she is such a great role model.

I love going to events like these because being around people who work really hard to be successful, inspires me. I love to learn from people like this to see what path they've taken to fulfill their dreams and apply that same mind set they use, into my own life. I start to create new ideas of where I want to be in life just because I see the success surrounding me. It's true what people say, surround yourself with positive people and positive things will start to happen. You start to adapt to the lifestyle of the people who you consistently put yourself around; and when those people are positive and hardworking, you start to become that way as well!

Check out more from the event here: http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/super-bowl-artwork-unveiled-at-giants-victory-party-20120206

Here are some pictures from the event (Sorry about the diminished clarity in the pictures lol):

Picture 1: Miss Teen USA, April Maroshick, Miss New York USA
Picture 2: Antrel Rolle, April Maroshick
Picture 3: April Maroshick, Charles Fazzino

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