Friday, January 25, 2013

My Favorite Foundation! (With Cheaper and More Expensive Substitutes)

Hey dolls!

I wanted to write a blog about my foundation that I use because i've been getting a lot of messages on Facebook and YouTube about what I use and why I use it. So I figured I would write a blog about my specific foundation and also foundations that I find comparable to this... both cheaper and more expensive.

So I first started using Smashbox's High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15 in the color Medium M2 last year. I used it because I needed a high definition foundation for stage lighting and for camera purposes because as you all know, i'm constantly in front of a camera or on stage. HD makeup works really well on camera or with high beamed lighting because there are micro reflectors in the makeup that give you a flawless finish.

I really love how well you can match the color with this makeup but I think my favorite part of it is how well it blends. I find a similar problem with a lot of foundations, that being that they don't blend properly, leaving noticeable demarcation lines as well as streaks.

A lot of our first worries with foundation that blends so easily is that they are oil based and will ruin our pores and cause breakouts. While this foundation blends easily the way an oil based foundation would, it's actually oil free.

I use this foundation with the Smashbox photofinish foundation primer, high definition concealer, and their hydrating perfecting powder, that I can promise you does not make you look cakey if you apply it properly. :)

I buy all of my Smashbox items at Sephora, so here is the link if you want to take a look.

The items I found most comparable to this foundation are:

If you want to see any more makeup or hair product reviews just drop me a message =).

Have a great day!

April Maroshick

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