Friday, February 1, 2013

Trend Alert: Leather for Spring 2013 !

Hello there!

So i've been going a little crazy with my clothes lately and trying to decide what I need to get to make my style more diverse for the Spring. Now if you see the way I dress in the summer, i'm always in cute dresses and heels... If you see the way I dress in the winter, I tend to dress slightly edgier... whether that's with my tighter clothes, shoulder padded blazers, or leather dresses.

Well now I get to finally mix the two styles together and to be honest, i'm literally excited about it!

A lot of designers during NYFW added leather to their collections... some even keeping darker fall colors with the pieces instead of your typical pastels and light colors.

A few of the high fashion pieces are so cute but I know it's a bit more of a risk for some people to wear them in your everyday life like these (some of my high fashion favorites) :

If you want to take a more simple approach because leather is already a big fashion step for you as it is... here are a few of the more simple, straight forward pieces i've found that you can buy pretty much anywhere :

Those are some of my favorites! Hope you guys like it... let me know if you find anything cute that you guys like too!

Thank you!

April Maroshick

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