Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why and When I Began Loving Quotes and a Few Favorites

I feel like it's time you understand my obsession with these little mantras. Fair warning though, this post is really overdramatic but it's so candid and there was no other way to word it lol.

I don't think i've ever told any of you this before, but my obsession with inspirational quotes started back when I was home schooling myself during high school. During that time, I was trying to evolve my character and get myself away from every ounce of negativity. I was having a little bit of a difficult time focusing and my mind would only allow myself to ruminate in negativity.

In 2009, I joined Twitter (@AprilMaroshick Nice little self promotion lol) and one of the first people I followed was Rev Run. Now this may seem super overdramatic, but all of his tweets were strictly inspirational quotes and it literally changed my entire life. It's crazy how someone's twitter account could help a person's life.

So I allotted Twitter the option to send me a text message of every one of his tweets... I know, that's weird. But, as you know, twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. So reading these were quick little boosts of positivity throughout the day. It's not like I had to sit there and read an entire novel, which I love doing and always have but at the time was a difficult thing to do with my inability to focus, essentially making tweets a lot easier to focus on. Was that a run on sentence? Someone let me know in the comment section...

Anyway! These quotes seriously helped me changed my mind set and it opened my mind up to the idea of personal development. From then on, I actually began reading a bunch of self help books about positive thinking, depression help, communication help, all of that good stuff. Which in turn, led me to the Bible.

So there it is. That's my story. Kind of weird and excessive but that's the truth.

Here are some of my all time favorite Rev Run quotes:

I hope you guys liked this!


April Rose

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