Thursday, March 12, 2015

Joy and Karma Review and Discount!

Hey guys! As most of you know, recently i've been obsessed with Skincare. Between the crazy New York weather and the hormonal changes of being a 21 year old female, skincare is one of my top priorities. LOL!

If you watched my most recent favorites video, I mentioned Joy and Karma's Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I've been using that along with Joy and Karma's Vitamin C Serum in my daily skincare routine and i'm not even kidding, they've been a game changer.

I've been extremely picky about avoiding products, especially moisturizers that have dimethicone in them. If you don't know what dimethicone is, it is a petroleum based polymer (yes, petroleum is a toxin), that helps cosmetic products spread onto the skin easier. But instead of it seeping into your skin, it sits on top like a plastic coating, prohibiting your skin from "breathing" and causing further breakouts and dryness. Ironic how this ingredient is one of the main ingredients in most moisturizers and foundations. ::Sigh::

Anyway, these products do NOT have this ingredient in it. Since i've been replacing these with my other moisturizers that have dimethicone in them, i've noticed a huge difference in my skins elasticity, ability to rejuvenate itself and even the tone of my skin.

Joy and Karma reached out to me offering you all an insane discount on both of these products. While usually the Hyaluronic Acid Serum is $49 and the Vitamin C Serum is $69... they've been kind enough to offer you not just a buy one get one free... but they are going to even discount the one product you buy to $15... so you are getting both items for just $15. That's pretty insane! I'm so grateful they offered this to you all.

If you want to take advantage of this, click this link and register so they can send you the information on buying the product. They are only opening it up for the month of March!

Let me know if you love these as much as I do!


April Maroshick

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