Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week's Favorites

Fashion Favorite - Oversized sweaters. Obsessed with these and yes, I’m aware that it’s May but if you live in New York, it’s still a bit chilly! Also, these are so comfortable but still cute. Digging the color scheme too.

Favorite Quote - I actually posted this on a previous blog I posted this week. It’s just so relevant. I’m always such a worry wart… I think most women are. It’s in our nature, so i’ve been very conscious of it and this quote helps me regain that serenity again.

Favorite Home Product - If you’ve read any recent blogs or watched any of my recent videos, you know Epsom Salt baths have become my new ritual. Well, I get bored easily and like bringing things into the bath with me, like a good book and tea. This is the perfect little caddy for something like that.

Favorite Festive Find - Fourth of July is right around the corner… not to be biased or anything (totally being biased), but my etsy shop still has a few American Flag Infinity Scarves left for $10… They’re lightweight so it’s great for this time of year.

Favorite Show - Besides “The Office” and I know how much you guys are sick of hearing about that show from me, I’ve been binge watching “Property Brothers” on HGTV. It’s such a happy show and gives me some really great design inspiration. 

What are your favorites for the week?


April Rose

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